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Odd Moves Gutingi

Race: Old World Alliance
Coached by: Rüdiger

1MystiqueTreeman265+5+11+Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Take Root, Thick Skull, Throw Team-mate, Timm-ber!      3  6120 kgp
2HoneybadgerTroll Slayer534+-9+Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Loner (3+), Thick Skull, Mighty Blow      4  5105 kgp
3RechtsDwarf Blocker434+5+10+Arm Bar, Brawler, Loner (3+), Thick Skull         075 kgp
4LinksDwarf Blocker434+5+10+Arm Bar, Brawler, Loner (3+), Thick Skull        1475 kgp
5Rampage IIDwarf Blitzer533+4+10+Block, Loner (3+), Thick Skull      1  280 kgp
6Kermit IIDwarf Runner633+4+9+Loner (3+), Sure Hands, Thick Skull         085 kgp
7GunslingerHuman Thrower633+3+9+Animosity (all Dwarf and Halfling), Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Leader  11    216110 kgp
8KelceHuman Blitzer733+4+9+Animosity (all Dwarf and Halfling), Block   1  1  590 kgp
9DisposableHuman Lineman633+4+9+Shadowing, Block   1    1070 kgp
10PiccoHalfling523+4+7+Animosity (all Dwarf and Human), Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Sneaky Git        1140 kgp
11PoccoHalfling523+4+7+Animosity (all Dwarf and Human), Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Jump Up, Sure Feet   1    1050 kgp
12Sticky Fingers IIHuman Catcher823+5+8+Animosity (all Dwarf and Halfling), Catch, Dodge, Sure Hands, Block   4     195 kgp
13                 00 kgp
14CowboyHuman Lineman633+4+9+          050 kgp
15                 00 kgp
16                 00 kgp
Team:Odd Moves Gutingi RE-ROLLS:1 x 70 kgp =70 kgp
Race:Old World Alliance DEDICATED FANS:2  
Team Value:1165 ASSISTANT COACHES:0 x 10 kgp =0 kgp
Coach:Rüdiger CHEERLEADERS:0 x 10 kgp =0 kgp
Extras:Starspieler APOTHECARY:1 x 50 kgp =50 kgp
Status:Aktiv Old World Classic Treasury:20 kgp